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Curious Life Of A Flat Earther

Sandy Hoax News and Kahlil Gibran Wisdom

29th November 2016

Hyperlinks: AudioEnlightenment's channel (Giving Voice to The Wisdom of the Ages):. The Prophet, Kahlil Gibran, checked out by AudioEnlightenment. Song/video at the [...]

NASA Stress, Space Puke, and Flat Earth

3rd September 2016

Video clip discourse on NASA fakery with a demo by Chris Hadfield on ways to vomit precede. Guest look by James Stewart in a very early Hollywood publicity movie. The [...]

Flat Earth: How to Hoax

8th August 2016

A video clip calling card showing the range and also results of hyper-realistic fight/ terrorist assaults. Could these exact same impacts and stars be used for hoax occasions [...]
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