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24/7 Flat Earth LIVE! 🔴 100% Proof NASA Lies & Earth is Not a Globe 🌍 Not Flat Earth Society

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If you think that you survive on a rotating world, reconsider. The spinning world #earth standard is a 500 years and also running #conspiracy committed by the Jesuits, the Vatican, Zionist Jews and also the Freemasons. There is no evident curvature on this earth and movement has actually never ever when been discovered. #NASA has actually never been passed low #earth "orbit" as well as the moon touchdown was certainly staged. As soon as you comprehend the effects of surviving on a #flatearth, you'll begin to see why this details is so crucial. Keep in mind: We are not the #FlatEarthSociety. They are managed oppostion to maintain individuals away from flat planet reality. This is a 24/7 #Livestream with some of the best level #earth videos as well as docudramas on the internet. Unlike the #Space & Universe (official) channel with their phoney ISS live feed of #earth from #space, this livestream is jampacked loaded with truths that provide level planet proof. The #flatearth is not a theory as well as it has not been debunked. Though we are forced to theorize on just what an exact map of the planet might resemble, at the very least we don't make wild insurance claims such as #earth is spinning, earth is orbiting the sun, gravity, etc. #Earth is a level and also stationary airplane just as it appears and also similar to our detects tell us. #NASA exists as well as is basically spearheading the project to deceive you and the rest of the world. Even #SpaceX and various other "aerospace" companies are a part of the deceptiveness, at the very least the proprietors and employees at the greatest tiers. (To clear up, not every scientist, pilot, institution educator or #NASA staff member is in on this challenge). Don't let these fake space programs as well as conventional #science fool you. Assume seriously, practically as well as do YOUR PERSONAL research prior to blindly believing that you reside on a spinning, pear formed oblate spheroid darting with infinite #space at absurd speeds that have actually never been confirmed. Study Apartment Planet.

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This Stream might disturb those who believe in a #Theory such as Heliocentric World #Earth. =-RRB-.
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STRANGE TV Apartment #Earth Compilation:.

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#FlatEarth Evidence:.
The Bible continuously defines the #Earth as Immovable (Fixed), Geocentric, and Confined in a solid dome structure called the #firmament.
All photos of the #Earth from #space are admitted to be computer system generated.
We're able also see objects such as land, structures, and boats that are expected to be behind the contour.
The North Star, Polaris, never ever steps as well as the constellations have actually never altered.
Perspective constantly climbs to eye level.
Water is constantly level and it composes 71% of our #earth.
The heliocentric version was created by Freemasonic Occultists.
All the room companies share the same vector logo design.
Astronaut practically drowning in #space.
Water bubbles & Diving storage tank viewed in #space.
Density, buoyancy, & Electromagnetism are better explanations for gravity.
GoPro lenses utilized to fake the curve of #Earth.
No evident evidence of advancement.
Sunlight rays boil down in angles as well as not parallel.
Super zoom video cameras reveal that boats do not discuss any type of contour.
The United Country's logo is a #FlatEarth map.
Trip paths make much more sense on a Flat #Earth.
Almost one opposition team participants are confirmed to still be alive today.
No real # 24hourlivefeed of the #Earthfromspace.
No genuine pictures of #Earth from #Space.
No actual pictures of Satellites in #Space.
Sunlight pets as well as Sunlight Location.
Antarctic Treaty.
Admiral Byrd stated that there is more land.
The Michelson– Morley experiment confirmed the #Earth is stationary.
Rockets never ever go directly up.
Bedford Degree Experiment.
Our own senses inform us that the #earthisflat and also stationary.
The Sun & Moon appear as the exact same size.
Nobody has actually ever before circumnavigated the #earth from north to south.
The Antikythera.
Sun dials.
No parallax with the stars.
Time gap Celebrity Trails reveals the celebrities ingredients best circuits around the North Celebrity.
Bolivian Salt Flats missing out on curvature.
Sun diminishes smaller sized as it establishes.
Designers, Excavators, as well as Railroad Engineers do not represent the curve.
Air airplanes fly degree and do not represent the curve.
The Selenelion Lunar Eclipse.
The Analemma Time Lapse of the Sunlight.

Empirical Proof sustains the set Flat Planet.

#ResearchFlatEarth & out wikipedia.
or the level earth culture site.

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