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Allegedly Dave on Flat Earth & Other Hot Potatoes

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Allegedly Dave speaks with Patricia Steere on Episode 5 of Flat Earth & Other Hot Potatoes.

Recorded on 7th September 2015

43 Comments on Allegedly Dave on Flat Earth & Other Hot Potatoes

  1. tampicokid // 13th Apr 2016 at 1:01 am // Reply

    0:30 Go have another glass of piss, dave. While you perfect another
    magnetic motor.

  2. the Truth is stranger than fiction... // 4th May 2016 at 11:10 pm // Reply

    Seeing Dave’s recent tv interview prompted me to go back and watch this. So
    glad I did. So glad.


    • Flat Craigy // 20th Jun 2016 at 3:08 am // Reply

      Oh me too, I’m like sheep asleep with my brain removed too aren’t we so out
      there with our crazy hip outlook on the world. Let’s all meet up in a cyber
      virtual homeopathic cafe and mind meld doods

    • the Truth is stranger than fiction... // 21st Jun 2016 at 8:19 am // Reply

      +Dr Craigy”hip outlook”?? Now that’s a new one!!

  3. ONLY THE TRUTH // 6th May 2016 at 12:40 am // Reply

    Great interview Brother, I would like to know what you found out about
    yourself. Shalawam The Existence’s blessings

  4. gabrielsyt // 6th May 2016 at 7:52 pm // Reply

    Cluesforum has pretty convincingly shown that 9/11 was a 102 minute movie
    and the buildings came down due to controlled demolition. It concerns me
    that Dave says he saw a plane hit the building. It raises a red flag for
    me and makes me cautious to anything else he says. It was a good and
    interesting conversation but that one detail takes away from it.

    • Hey Dave,

      While I have your attention…

      I saw your Late Night interview (well, only your half. The video was
      edited) and I just have to say…

      All you did in that interview was show the world that you have no clue how
      physics works, what geometry and trigonometry are and ANYTHING about
      spacial mechanics. You go on to prove that you have no background or
      training in ANY science and you deny reality in favor of conspiracy

      What you did accomplish, however, was to regurgitate all of the stupidity
      that you call flat earth theory and call it Christianity. You, sir, are an
      embarrassment to the Cross. You make real Christians look like bizarre
      kooks who fall for every wind and wave of doctrine – and are gullible
      enough to come out and spew it in public.

      No wonder the world laughs at us. It has nothing whatsoever to do with them
      rejecting Jesus – they are laughing at your gullibility.

    • People like you sir do NOT have my attention

    • And yet, you responded. So I DID have your attention.

      See, you can’t even be honest there, either.

    • In the same way that a fly has my attention when I swat it away

    • +dmurphy25

      You wish.

  5. Grant Sutherland // 19th May 2016 at 10:08 pm // Reply

    With you all the way on this Dave, I have a good theory that I don’t think
    anyone has covered yet that I would like to share with you but don’t quite
    know how to explain it yet, once I figure out how to demonstrate it
    properly I will get in touch, keep up the good work!

  6. FLAT EARTH ROCKSTAR // 22nd May 2016 at 8:14 pm // Reply

    I wonder how any of you guys in the Flat Earth community looked into this
    Mandela effect thing? some believe that has something to do with the CERN
    and Alternate realities and Alternate dimensions… I have been of the
    opinion that sin is the same money pit has NASA and Jax and everything
    else… But there seems to be a little bit to it I wonder if any of you
    guys have looked into it?

  7. True Harmony // 24th May 2016 at 1:24 pm // Reply

    Not telling the truth, also called lying, is NOT wrong, according to the
    Bible. But lying to intentionally hurt someone, is wrong. The King James
    version says this:
    “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.”
    So it’s NOT the lie itself that matters, but the intention behind the lie,
    that really matters!
    Thanks for the fine video – very informative, in the best way!

  8. Hey I doubt you will see this but just a heads up. The entire argument as
    to weather we are to keep the sabbath on Saturday v Sunday is just a straw
    man. Us Iraelites never used the Gregorian calendar. You start the month on
    new moon day (new Moon Day is treated as a sabbath that you can cook on)
    and then for the next 6 days you work followed by the sabbath on the 7th
    day.The true sabbath rarely falls on a Saturday or Sunday. For example most
    of this June it will be on Sunday but all of July the sabbath falls on
    Tuesday. You can not keep the sabbath using the Gregorian calendar. Look it
    up for yourself using the Torah AKA Books of Mosses.

    • The key word is “Your” we have always altered YHWH’s appointed times and
      feasts to our liking. Hes pretty much talking about what equates to
      christmas today and celebrations similar to new years but done on a monthly

    • Oh and let me just add in that I have quit all pagan holidays cold turkey
      after finding out the truth. Sabbaths, New moons and the 7 appointed times
      for me and thats it.

    • Nope I don’t see it mate, Christmas is based on Nimrod’s birthday and has
      nothing to do with new moons… plus it says “new moons AND appointed
      feasts” indicating that the new moons are other than the feasts…

      I think I’ll stick to Saturday until I see something credible to change my
      view, thanks anyway 🙂

    • Last try and I’ll stop, The Jews and the Messianic Jews changed the New
      Moon Feast into the pagan ‘crescent moon worship’; also they abolished
      certain monthly New Moon Feast-days and appointed other days of feasts
      So when he is talking about “Our” New moons that’ is what he is referring
      to. The Jews altered the New moon Feasts to fit the traditions of men. YHWH
      loves his creation and never changes, it would be contradictory to his very
      being for him to hate something that is perfect.
      Hope this helps, I am still in the process of learning as I too have only
      just recently awaken.

    • Leeroy Smith // 27th May 2016 at 8:44 pm // Reply

      Was always under the asumption new moons and related feasts were due to
      harvesting of specific crop cycles. The moon was always related to crop
      cycles, untill recent years.

  9. My 2 questions for Flat Earthers:

    1. If you were lucky enough to go to space, keeping your eyes open and
    trained on the Earth during the whole journey, and saw the world as a
    globe, what would you conclude?

    (I know you don’t currently believe that’s possible, but I’m saying, “what

    2. Using the traditional understanding of the way the sun, moon and Earth
    interact with one another, it’s possible to make a physical scale model
    which directly corresponds to how we experience things here on Earth (eg,
    the waxing and waning of the moon, the change in length of daylight hours
    throughout the year, night and day, etc).

    Can the same be said for Flat Earth Theory? Has anyone made such a model?

    I look forward to your answers.

    Cheers! :-)

    • +Ken G. Oh Ken, why did you come here and ruin a perfectly civil thread?
      There are plenty of other places on youtube where you can go and be a
      prejudiced racist. I’m sorry your experience with Africans has been so
      unremittingly negative – but I’m sure you’re intelligent enough to know
      better than to bandy around such insults and accusations.

      Meanwhile, on the subject of education, can I point out that degrees are
      kind of immaterial when it comes to smartness. I mean, it may indicate a
      certain type of smartness, but it doesn’t mean one is smart at everything.
      Smart people often make stupid decisions. Academically intelligent people
      can be very dumb in other ways. People without degrees or even high school
      education may be very intelligent in lots of ways, and possess far more in
      the way of common sense.

      Being smart isn’t a black and white issue – in every sense of the phrase.

    • Name me ONE flat earther that has an accredited Ph.D

      And, yes, I have been out and about. I have been halfway around the world
      twice and I have dealings with people from Africa on a regular basis. Not a
      one of them would I trust in ANY business dealings.

    • +Ken G. I’m sure we can find you one if you’re really that bothered. I
      mean, I’m sure you’re aware that some young earth creationists have PhDs so
      anything’s possible, right? 😉

      But, anyway, this is a thread about physical flat earth models, so perhaps
      we could get back on topic please?

      Cheers. 🙂

    • +Rory

      I didn’t think so.

  10. Jeremiah Sturk // 26th May 2016 at 12:59 am // Reply

    Please read Proverbs Chapter 1 , thankyou both for your Wisdom!

  11. Coleman Adamson // 3rd Jun 2016 at 2:34 am // Reply

    The body does not need food. Right. Nobody has ever starved to death. They
    only died because they THOUGHT they needed to eat. STICK TO FLAT EARTH AND

    • I belive its not a foolishness! But we need to understand our body. My
      experience is that the more clean i become the less food my body crave. I
      understand it like that if our body is pure and we put in pure water, our
      body really dont need food. Food was created because it is good, not
      because we need it. But if we are very dirty and put in garbage, wich also
      means not pure waters, our body use more energy to digest and clean out the
      garbage then the energy it recives. This is when we starve to death, but if
      u drink your own purest water it is free energy. Ur body can use it freely
      without energy to clean anything after. U become a free energymachine, wich
      i belive we truly are. God made it all perfect, we made it not perfect
      because of our ignorance, arrogance and pride thinking we are so smart and
      can do it better then our creator:)

  12. samuel lopes // 8th Jun 2016 at 4:24 am // Reply

    good video but the breatharian stuff sounds kinda rediculous. you can fast
    on just water for a long time. but without it you will dehydrate….

  13. bramleyhill // 8th Jun 2016 at 4:52 pm // Reply

    Your celebration of ignorance diminishes the whole of humanity. Shame on

    • bramleyhill // 8th Jun 2016 at 10:27 pm // Reply

      Do you have an education past kindergarten? The flat earth movement is
      nothing but pseudoscience and paranoid conspiracy theory wrapped up in
      religious drivel.
      Of course there are proofs of a globe earth
      Sunrise and sunset
      The movement of the stars in different hemispheres
      Airline flight times
      Time zones
      Phases of the moon
      Geography – tropics of cancer and Capricorn are identical – impossible on
      flat earth
      Compasses (they couldn’t work on flat earth)
      And 1000 years of PROVABLE science.
      Flat earth movement has ignoramuses like Murphy

    • THE MANCAV3 // 9th Jun 2016 at 12:53 am // Reply

      I wish we could all see your “education” track record and your “PROVABLE
      science” proof. You just read what other people say and take it at face
      value. You’re not smart enough to know what much, much, much smarter people
      lie to you about, and too lazy or distracted to research reality for
      yourself. Your list shows how ignorant you really are. Keep searching, you
      will find the truth and not a truth. Revisit all the things you were told
      as a child and think about them critically with your developed mind. Follow
      the white rabbit and take the red pill. Or stay in the matrix that you
      think is great. It’s easier to believe a bunch of lies than it is to
      believe that evil rules this world…for now.

    • bramleyhill // 9th Jun 2016 at 8:00 am // Reply

      @mancav3 typical flat earth drivel and paranoid ravings. No facts, no
      evidence, just regurgitated shite from the other trailer trash ignoramuses
      who peddle this garbage. You are a disgrace to the spirit of enquiry that
      drives human knowledge.

    • loopy loopster // 15th Jun 2016 at 10:55 pm // Reply

      +bramleyhill shut up fool

  14. We should be growing our own food and bartering with others…

    Yeah, just like they did in the DARK AGES because that is where you morons

  15. Boris Kljaic // 11th Jun 2016 at 9:37 pm // Reply

    well the world is driven by money simply because we need it at our current
    development(state of mind) even the creator of socialism said the world is
    not ready for it and he was right… look at ussr socialism failed because
    of corrupted men…. people need to evolve mentally to be able to use a
    better system

  16. mercurialmagictrees // 17th Jun 2016 at 9:16 am // Reply

    how I see it, there is no definitive truth and that is fine with me

    the adventure continues after life

  17. Gwen Salador // 20th Jun 2016 at 10:49 pm // Reply

    The fat version of dave looks more chill n soft

  18. Alex Steiner // 23rd Jun 2016 at 3:15 am // Reply

    shill liar agent provacatuer.

  19. Nice couple

  20. SeQuenceL CirCuit // 17th Jul 2016 at 7:53 pm // Reply

    He has moved away from money – ‘Buy my book, buy my book’. How stupid are
    these people?

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