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An Open Letter to Neil DeGrasse Tyson Regarding the Flat Earth

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An open letter to Neil DeGrasse Tyson asking 12 simple questions regarding the shape and Nature of our Earth. These questions are asked in all seriousness and requires straight-forward tangible answers free from mathematical constructs, abstract concepts, impenetrable technical jargon or so-called proof from NASA

A petition has been started to request that NASA or the Scientific Community answer these questions, sign the petition here:

71 Comments on An Open Letter to Neil DeGrasse Tyson Regarding the Flat Earth

  1. Detective「Jorge Joestar ||」 // 10th May 2016 at 3:32 am // Reply

    Flat earthers really do have members all around the globe

    • CGI? Lol, how silly. They must have had pretty good CGI in the
      Gemini/Apollo era! There are numerous pics, you wouldn’t accept one if it
      slapped you in the face. Why, because you think space flight is just too
      hard. You know something? Better hope ICBMs are faked. If there is ever a
      nuclear war, the warheads arc hundreds of miles into space before reaching
      their targets.

    • youreconfused // 27th Jun 2016 at 3:36 am // Reply

      +bramleyhill there are zero real photos. Post the link. All you find are
      cgi. Post the link of one real planet pic. Rovers on Mars yet not one real
      photo of the planet. Convenient

    • youreconfused // 27th Jun 2016 at 3:39 am // Reply

      +J Dean let’s have the link to these real pics. While you’re at it lets
      have a pic of a planet too. You pick the planet. Odd we have Hubble looking
      at other galaxies yet every single photo of planets are cgi. You can
      believe in cartoon pics all you like. Next you’ll tell me the Simpsons are

  2. bramleyhill // 16th May 2016 at 7:13 pm // Reply

    In the video of dinner on the ISS, if you zoom in and look at the ketchup
    bottle, you can CLEARLY see it has something on the bottom. And if you
    follow the sequence, you can clearly see that it is placed on a small
    square of materiall on the table. It’s pretty obvious that there IS velcro
    on the bottom of the bottle and it is placed on a velcro pad to hold it
    down. So you either lied when you said there was nothing on the bottom or
    you are an idiot for not looking properly. Which is it? Liar or idiot?

    • Emmanuel A. // 20th Jun 2016 at 2:53 am // Reply

      It is liar to me. He’s mixing truth with lies, so this guy is pretty
      dangerous to me.

    • Dennis Siple // 22nd Jun 2016 at 8:43 pm // Reply

      Hey, quit dissing on people who live in trailers.

    • Dennis Siple // 22nd Jun 2016 at 8:44 pm // Reply

      Hey, quit dissing people who live in trailers.

    • TheYobbo71 // 23rd Jun 2016 at 1:05 am // Reply

      Lies with idiocy. Question 12, is he seriously asking why doesn’t the
      surface of the ocean mirror the surface of the ocean floor underneath?
      Where there are undersea mountains, there should be corresponding rise in
      the ocean.

  3. dmurphy25 // 2nd Jun 2016 at 1:42 pm // Reply

    Hi everyone,
    I have started a petition to force NASA and/or the Government funded
    scientific establishment to answer the 12 questions, we need 100,000
    signatures before the Whitehouse has to address the issue, so please sign
    and share (even if you are a troll, sign it so that you can get the
    official answers to shut us up)

    • Fletcher DeMaine // 27th Jun 2016 at 8:22 am // Reply

      Only 97 000 more signatures to go. The next three days are going to be
      riveting. Not!

    • Gunter Krebs // 2nd Jul 2016 at 9:17 am // Reply

      Why on earth do you think, the Whitehouse might be the right adress to be
      bothered with your own failures to use elemantary mathematical, geometrical
      and physical knowledge and to apply basic logic?

    • Because the energy released in the insect is generating a much greater
      force than the force of Gravity acting upon it. You cannot so you can’t fly
      but you can jump up a little bit.

      Flat Earth IS a crank theory — not a one of you can even do basic math.
      You are laughing stocks.

    • Omar Hernandez // 13th Jul 2016 at 10:46 am // Reply

      +Gunter Krebs All the pictures of earth are in FACT (SIZE OF CONTINENTS
      BASE ON FAKE STANDARD MAP)fake. Why? Science even recently admitted sun is
      too round. And all pictures of planets are also to round. According to how
      planets are created planets and sun should be fatter at equators FACT. So
      flat earth or not science IN FACT got something wrong. I would check out
      the “Thundarboltsociaty” or “Electrical nature of the universe” before you
      start praising standard “science” trust me they lie to us all the time!
      FACT! AND if you RESEACH on your own the subject of gyroscopes YOU CANNOT

  4. michael kezelevich // 5th Jun 2016 at 1:56 am // Reply

    I am not surprised anymore by the mean hearted vs kindhearted. You can tell
    the difference between the two just by watching one of these video’s on
    this topic.
    It shows the character of people according to what their belief’s are. I
    don’t have to point out which ones behave like jerks and which ones do not.
    It is a simple observation.

    • Nor do you need explanation to see which ones are uneducated, buffoons who
      start off every video with “I don’t understand…” then go on to make up
      the most ridiculous nonsense ever.

    • +Michael Kezelevich I know what you mean. If the earth was totally
      spherical without a doubt or simple question, why go all out being nasty
      when u can simply try to have meaningful conversation and debate with a
      fellow human who may have a different view or sincere question/s.

  5. John McMahon // 8th Jun 2016 at 7:52 pm // Reply

    That is a fantastic video. I’m with you fully on this. There is a meeting
    in Oxford on Saturday that I’m going to regarding the flat earth. I am in
    full support of a petition to force answers to your questions. Thanks.

    • Audi h6f Ratii7 // 23rd Jun 2016 at 7:06 pm // Reply

      +nl141274 I’m around 40 and a engineer….. so……

    • Naticris Tellavi // 27th Jun 2016 at 12:31 am // Reply

      +nl141274 He skip classes when he supposed to be there doing the labs
      experiments that answer all his questions.

    • KevinFromTheFuture // 27th Jun 2016 at 7:11 am // Reply

      +John McMahon So flat earth is harder to disprove, yet its its supporters
      repeat a bunch of nonsense and conspiracy theories to handle opposition? I
      fail to see the logic or an analytical mind at work there.

    • Dupree Wilson // 28th Jun 2016 at 7:43 pm // Reply

      I’m happy to answer any questions you have about the spherical earth, or
      explain the problems with the flat earth.

  6. Kevin Cass // 8th Jun 2016 at 11:47 pm // Reply

    PART 2 …post was too big…this is down to question 7

    5. The earth is small relative to the sun. The sun’s rays are hitting the
    top of the clouds, which are tiny molecules. Each water molecule reflects
    the suns rays from itself. If you look at the pictures that you present,
    using your logic, the sun would be located right above the clouds. This I
    think you can agree isn’t true. These clouds look to be about 15,000 feet
    high, so using the angles of light that you mention, (drawing a line from
    all the rays to a point in which they meet) that would be about 20,000 feet
    or so. We all know that planes fly above that level, so that can’t be true.
    It’s kind of how a rainbow is formed…in a sense. The reflection is only
    part of it at an exact point…that’s actually refraction but in the case
    of these pictures, we get the whole part of light, not just the refracted
    part. The water molecules shine like a flashlight, but the clouds are
    blocking the part of light that you can’t see, making it look like it’s
    coming from right above the cloud…it’s not an illusion, it’s just that
    your mind is drawing a false conclusion. The picture that you have without
    clouds only happens at great distances and more so directly away or towards
    the sun….only because of the curvature of the earth. If you move
    perpendicular to the sun, the angles remain the same (at the same time of
    day.) Without clouds, the shadows are exactly the same angle at Los Angeles
    as in San Francisco as they form on the ground (taking away the curvature
    of the earth.) You could do that experiment with a friend in three cities
    if you had accurate tools. Have the first city the reference point. Have a
    friend in a city perpendicular to the sun (roughly north or south…again
    depending on the time of year) and have a friend directly toward or away
    from the sun from the reference city…roughly east or west) All place a
    pole perfectly straight into the ground…make sure it’s straight up. Now
    measure the angles from true north, (there are variations in magnetic
    north…just find out the variation in your area if you only have a
    compass) you’ll see that the sun is far away, making it big, not close. You
    can also triangulate or use trigonometry with the angles and location on
    earth and you’ll see that the sun is very, very far away…about 93 million
    miles, depending on what time of year, but you asked not to get too

    6. In the case where the plane’s shadow is “diverging”…it’s casting a
    morphed shadow upon a thin layer of stratus clouds close to the subject (or
    framed well with a zoomed lens…but still way closer to the subject)
    making the actual shadow closer to the actual size of the aircraft…you’re
    thinking like it’s a shadow like when someone does shadow puppets with
    their hands and the light is near making the shadow larger. In reality, the
    shadow of the aircraft is roughly the same size as the aircraft but the
    subject is closer to the “screen.” Have you ever seen a plane’s shadow
    cross the highway while it’s landing?
    The shadow is just as big as the actual plane, but since the plane is
    higher, the plane looks smaller, just like any object looks smaller when
    it’s farther away. If the picture is real, (which it’s really cool either
    way,) you can see the actual shadow is morphed. This could be because of
    the molecules of water vapor above and around the shadow or that the
    stratus layer itself (screen) isn’t flat. If you were to use the angles of
    distortion and assume it was only because of the light’s (sun’s) proximity
    that it was a distortion, that would put the light source very close to the
    plane…well within the atmosphere. Some planes would be flying over the
    light source if that were the case.

    7. The pilots were correct. The “modern day” aircraft have GPS within their
    computers which display data on the pilot’s instruments. The only “not so
    modern” aircraft that still have old-school gyroscopes (very rare) use them
    as standby gyros. These gyros do precess in turns, unlike the modern
    aircraft. The modern aircraft take this into account with the computers on
    board. The old gyros actually do start to tilt over long distances because
    of internal errors so there is a mechanical adjustment knob that pilots
    pull to recenter the gyro. The aircraft today also have internal gyros used
    by internal lasers. They are so accurate that they can tell the speed of
    the rotation of the earth. The surface spins fastest at the equator. This
    is part of how the plane knows where it is on the ground. It takes 10
    minutes to align itself, but the speed at which it feels the aircraft
    rotating on earth tells it how far north or south it is….if the plane
    moves at all during the 10 minutes, the cycle must be started all over
    again to align itself. This was used in the past before GPS and is still
    part of the computer systems today in case GPS is lost.


    • Kevin Cass // 18th Jun 2016 at 5:43 pm // Reply

      Part 1…looks like it was deleted. hmmm…answers to 1-4

      I’ll do my best to answer your 12 questions as respectfully as I can.
      Please excuse an occasional sarcastic remark or misspelling…i’ll just be
      for fun, and not disrespect. I am commenting on a few things as they are in
      chronological order from the beginning of your post. Neil DeGrasse Tyson is
      a genius. He’s also entertaining. That’s why he dropped the mic, just for
      fun. It’s very frustrating for those who know first-hand that the earth is
      a sphere, globe, round…whatever. We have all of this proof and
      flat-liners won’t wake up from their near-dumb experience (just having
      fun.) We show proof, and the flats are just shutting their eyes and saying
      ‘no.” So, it’s not worth the energy when you have proof, to continually try
      to convince seemingly intelligent people from seeing the truth. It’s very
      draining. Neil is just very frustrated and was venting like any normal
      human being would. Gravity is real. Call it the attraction between spinning
      polarized atoms if you don’t want to call it gravity. It’s just how we
      define the property of “attraction” in this 3rd dimension of mass. Clearly
      there is that…we witness it every day. Call it God’s love if you want to
      get religious. It doesn’t matter, but there’s something creating the
      attraction, so why not just define it as a word called “gravity?” There’s
      so much more important things to worry about. Here are your answers:

      1. The earth has land at the equator because the whole earth “bulges” and
      the center of spin. The crust is also bulging as the water does. You’ll
      notice that there are a lot of “burps” from underneath pressure in the
      earth’s mantle around the equator that escape and form islands…check out
      Indonesia etc….Hawaii (big island) is literally the largest mountain in
      the world from surface to peak. That’s not on the equator, but around the
      “bulge.” Some of the deepest parts of the ocean are located around the
      equator. Honestly, I would have expected more land mass around the equator,
      but that’s just a thought. As the earth warms, and the polar ice caps melt,
      the shift in mass of the earth will create more “burps,” by putting
      increased stress on the earth’s mantel and more volcanoes will erupt…keep
      an eye on the pacific ring of fire…it’s already happening (Japan.)

      2. The curvature is very difficult to see. This is one of many problems to
      prove the average “joe.” The ship is disappearing because the horizon is
      past your viewpoint. You aren’t seeing the curve, you’re seeing the ship
      disappear. The horizon looks flat because as Niel said, we’re too small
      (too low to be specific) to notice. The ships aid in this, but don’t change
      the fact that you can’t see the curvature. There is only one reason that
      the ship is disappearing if it isn’t sinking…curvature. The graphic that
      you used for left and right on the horizon is wrong because you aren’t
      seeing much farther than 5 miles (although it’s really 3) when you look all
      around you…the 3 miles is from your perspective. You are seeing left to
      right about 6 miles, but all of it is only 3 miles away from you. So, if
      the ship stays within 3 miles and travels from right to left for 6 miles,
      you’ll still see it all the time because it’s only 3 miles away from YOU.
      Using trigonometry, an exact math, not theoretical in any sense like the
      science you say is, … if the earth is a “sphere” that’s around 24,000+
      miles in diameter, then the average 6 foot human can see the horizon for
      about 3 miles. This can be proven with lasers, yet the eye can’t detect it
      easily. It’s easier to go to a lake, like Tahoe, and see the buildings with
      a telescope or binoculars. Do the math and see how far you are on the
      opposite side of the lake, and check out the lowest point you can see the
      buildings. If you want to do the math yourself, use the old right-angle
      theory a2+b2=c2 (“2” being squared.) To help out, (hopefully) you can use
      the programs located on the internet, which I understand if you don’t trust
      them, or you can do this: (This is as simple as I can make it:) a2 will be
      the distance of the earth where you are from the center, which you can
      round off to 4,000 just to make it easier. so, 4,000 x 4000 in miles) add
      the b2 which will be the distance from the shore to the hotels on the other
      side of the lake…let’s say 10 miles….10 x 10 and you’ll get c2. so far
      we have 16,000,000 + 100 or 16,000,100. take the square root of c2 to get c
      and you get 4,000.0125. This is the long part of the triangle (opposite of
      the right angle (90 degree part.) The difference between the 4000 and the
      4000.0125 is the height that a person will have to look at something from
      the distance (“b” which is 10 miles in this case.) The difference is 0.0125
      in miles. To convert it to feet, multiply it by 5280. 5280 x 0.0125 = 66.6
      feet. So, you should be able to see the buildings above the six floor but
      not below…..IF you were laying on the shoreline. Being about 6 feet high,
      you’ll see a lower floor. Now, don’t start the 666 devil crap. I could have
      chosen any other number, it just was easiest. Try the experiment yourself,
      use a laser…have fun. If you’re exactly 10 miles away, maybe the devil
      made you do it 🙂

      3. The lake you are referring to does bulge in reference to a straight line
      from the edges. It’s just not perceivable to you. You can get a buddy to go
      out on a snowmobile with a red 66 foot flag and go out 10 miles to see him
      disappear. The same thing happens whether it’s frozen or not. Yes, it would
      “bulge” 5 miles in the middle, but it’s not really bulging. It’s just your
      reference point that makes it look like it is (if you could see it 🙂
      Picture a glass with frost on the outside. The frost is just as thick, but
      if you were an ant, you couldn’t see the whole glass…just a little bit.
      If you drew a line through the glass with your other buddy ant on the other
      side, it would appear to bulge, but really, it’s just the same frost, just
      as thick. If the glass were flat, which it’s not, then it would bulge; but
      it’s really round. Remember, you can only see about 3 miles of water no
      matter which direction you are looking (if you are standing on a raft in
      the middle of the lake for example.) You could have a sailboat circle
      around you at 3 miles which would be almost 19 miles of sailing and you
      would always see it. Returning to your original diagram where you looked
      left and right on the horizon for 10 miles (which is really 6)…the actual
      curve or hump from one side to the other (max hump in the middle) is about
      6 feet! The human eye can’t perceive this without aids. It is perceived to
      be flat.

      4. We are breathing because the atmosphere has a density and mass that is
      kept by gravity. Yes, you’ve said that’s the standard answer, but let me
      explain…The fact is that when you have differential pressure, such as a
      vacuum in space (it’s not a true vacuum, but close enough at our scale )vs.
      the pressure of our atmosphere (14,1 psi at sea level) there should be a
      huge sucking action. Here’s the answer why it doesn’t happen…the “small”
      force of gravity (which is a force I don’t understand, just understand that
      some attractive force exists relative to mass, call it electromagnetic
      force as Tesla did, etc…) acts upon the atmosphere because, although it’s
      a gas, it does have mass. It weighs down upon itself to create the pressure
      (in the same manner as the ocean…at 30 feet below sea level, the pressure
      is twice as much or 2 atmospheres.) As the distance increases from the
      surface, the mass/weight of the gases in the atmosphere decreases. At
      18,000 feet, there is only half an atmosphere. This continues decreasing
      until space. So, it’s a gradual decrease and is well-balanced…it’s a
      fight between differential pressure and gravity. The earth’s atmosphere is
      larger at the equator than the poles as far as distance from the
      surface…but i digress…The earth’s atmosphere actually is wider, or
      higher when it’s warmer on the surface. So, it also bulges. There are
      step-like parts between the equator and the poles which creates like a
      waterfall of gas, which in turn creates mini vortexes in the sky called
      jetstreams. Pilots are aware of this and prepare or avoid these areas…but
      again I digress 🙂 You have to get this “dome” idea out of your head. It
      makes you think as if there is pressure between the void of space and our
      atmosphere. There isn’t. It’s not like a balloon in any manner. Space and
      atmosphere can not be exactly differentiated at “the border” because if
      fluxes. And honestly, who’s going to measure one molecule of atmosphere?
      Hot air rises in gas just as it does in a liquid. The air goes higher and
      pushes up, increasing pressure at the surface and making the atmosphere
      higher. Eventually the air finds an equilibrium point, but that has to do
      with the weight of the air molecule. Hot air is less dense because it
      expands and seeks a higher place like a bubble does in water…although
      eventually the air molecule will be just as cold and no longer be less
      dense than the air around it; therefore stopping its ascent.

    • Kevin Cass // 24th Jun 2016 at 2:07 am // Reply

      +AdvocateVaping QuashMonopolisingRegulation funny how this guys wants
      answers and when you give them to him he doesn’t say anything….yet he
      should get Neil, or the government through a petition, to stop what they
      are doing and address him. I’m sure he’s too busy, but hmmm maybe Neil or
      the government might be a little busy too.

  7. ZombieSymmetry // 9th Jun 2016 at 7:48 am // Reply

    Carry your evacuated container to the top of Mt. Everest before puncturing
    it … what happens then?

    I often here this argument from flat-Earthers, yet you clearly live in a
    world where atmospheric pressure gets lower the higher you go. Everest is
    only 5 miles high and already, at that altitude, the pressure is only a
    third of what it is at sea level.

    So, before asking why the atmosphere doesn’t escape into space, why not ask
    why the atmosphere at sea level doesn’t equilibrate with the atmosphere at
    the altitude of mountain tops?

    • Lappan Sommer // 10th Jun 2016 at 11:07 pm // Reply

      Yep, they also often point to spacesuits as “impossible” because of the
      pressure differential, yet at 4-5 psi it’s a lot lower than a bottle of
      coke. And aviator pressure suits operate down to near vacuum too (next
      claim: U2 spy planes also don’t exist…)

  8. Shreyas Sudhaman // 9th Jun 2016 at 2:49 pm // Reply

    Here is what the letter says:
    Please confirm that the earth is flat because a few of us don’t believe
    scientific evidence that it’s round. We don’t want to know any scientific
    procedures or principles involved. We just want you to tell us that it’s

  9. couldn’t you just write the 12 questions in the comments rather than force
    everyone to watch a 21 minute long snore-fest?

    • youreconfused // 14th Jun 2016 at 4:01 pm // Reply

      You were forced to watch this? Lollllll

    • +youreconfused you should learn how to speak English, but for future
      reference, the phrase ‘forced to’ in this context is used to point out that
      you have no choice but to watch the video to aquire the desired
      information; in this case the questions themselves. I hope this helps and
      wish you the best in learning your new language.

    • youreconfused // 14th Jun 2016 at 6:30 pm // Reply

      You said forced. Maybe you should reword your trolling comments correctly
      in the future. Were you ‘forced’ to troll? Now maybe you should get back to
      your coloring books grasshoppa

    • +youreconfused
      You clearly are confused if you can’t understand 3rd grade english.

    • Totally with you – I didn’t bother clicking start once I saw the questions
      weren’t in the description. I just inferred the questions from your
      intelligent comment above lol. You could have at least written them there
      too, though 😉

  10. 1: You clearly don’t understand how forces work. Force applies equally to
    rocks and water alike and in equal measure.
    2: the horizon is the limit of what you can see in all directions, it is a
    circle centered around you – a circle being a 2-dimentsional shape would be
    flat regardless of whether the earth was flat or spherical.
    3: firstly you need to re-take math as it’s 4.9 miles high based on a
    sphere, and why does freezing matter if it doesn’t change shape? Same
    answer as no.2 as to why you can’t see a curve.
    4: You don’t understand fluid dynamics – air only rises because heavier air
    is pushing down – if there is nothing heavier above it, it stops going up –
    and nothing is lighter than a vacuum. Heavy things fall down, that’s
    5: You don’t understand refraction – he measured the angle when the sun was
    directly overhead – at a right angle there is no refraction no matter how
    powerful the lens.
    6: You don’t understand refraction – it depends on the refractive incise of
    the 2 mediums – i.e. light going from water to air diverges.
    7: It wouldn’t be much use to pilots if it did. Precession errors are
    normal for planes and there are systems to reset them – even on Concorde
    you still took many minutes to move even 1 degree, well within tolerances.
    8: It is, the force is absolutely minuscule compared to the power of a jet.
    Your jet analogy is based on the jets moving at a fixed speed with no
    regard for acceleration nor transit medium.
    9: If the iss is 400km up, then the horizon is 2294km from you – 555%
    difference. If you are 0.25km up in a plane, the horizon is 56.5km –
    22,600% difference. Compare flying at 40,000 ft and you’ll see the exact
    same changes
    10: frame by frame measurement of the footage you posted proves they were
    in zero-g. The object in the background does not accelerate whilst in
    motion, therefore there can be no gravity.
    11: anything further than the point of equilibrium would still hit the
    moon, seriously you need to go back to school, this is just poor.
    12: really? this is so bad it’s just pathetic – did you just decide ‘heck,
    i’m going for an even dozen regardless of how dumb it is’ – basic fluid
    dynamics, just as with the atmosphere example of 4, heavy things fall down,
    it’s gravity.

    • Omar Hernandez // 14th Jul 2016 at 1:43 pm // Reply


    • Colin Thomson // 14th Jul 2016 at 2:57 pm // Reply

      Can you explain the answer to question 9 a bit more? I’m not sure where you
      are getting the numbers from. 555% difference from what? and why is that
      lower than the planes 22’600%?

      Great post though!

    • +Colin Thomson That’s the difference from the distance to the ground
      directly below you and the distance to the horizon. Because of that, the
      ground below you will appear to move 555% (i.e. 5.55x) faster than the
      ground at the very edge of the horizon – and my post was pointing out that
      the closer you are to the ground, the larger and more pronounced this
      change will be.
      – the video was comparing a low level flight to ISS footage and claiming
      that it should look the same, when in reality as your height above the
      ground changes, the lower the relative difference in distance to the
      horizon and thus the relative difference in motion is.

      I hope that helps.

      (P.S. you could try this for yourself when you’re in an airplane, compare
      the relative motion of the ground at 40,000ft to when you’re much lower and
      you’ll see the same effect)

    • Colin Thomson // 14th Jul 2016 at 7:17 pm // Reply

      +Xaiano – Got you. I was thinking the numbers had to do with height – which
      was really confusing! Cheers.

    • +Colin Thomson It’s the relative distance between the height and the
      distance to the horizon. The greater the relative distance the greater the
      perceived motion (i.e. things close to you appear to move faster)

  11. Nume Moon // 9th Jun 2016 at 9:24 pm // Reply

    This entire petition is a massive public education FAIL. That’s what we’re
    seeing here, folks. This video and all its comments are the result of a
    monument to failed teachers, failed science departments, failed curriculum,
    failed administrators, and failed students that clearly were never ready to
    advance past the 5th grade.

  12. TheYobbo71 // 10th Jun 2016 at 7:49 am // Reply

    LOL you will not get 100,000 signatures. There are only around 10,000 Flat
    Earthers on the planet.

  13. The PineApple // 18th Jun 2016 at 10:20 am // Reply

    But the thing is, the spherical earth model replaced the flat earth model
    because it describes things better xD

    • The PineApple // 18th Jun 2016 at 10:25 am // Reply

      Also your taking Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s actions out of context to the
      situation. He’s on Comedy central for god’s sake. It wouldn’t be comedy
      central if there was no childish “comedy”

  14. This is fake right? No one is really this stupid are they?

    • MICHAEL MONFREDO // 17th Jul 2016 at 8:36 pm // Reply

      maybe your just unbelievably indoctrinated lol

    • ricochet188 // 17th Jul 2016 at 8:50 pm // Reply

      +MICHAEL MONFREDO Not all of them, not by your standards obviously, but I
      remember most of them being facepalm level of stupid. As in, you skimmed
      over the clipnotes version of the science and thought of the first “flaws”
      you could think of and then accepted them as being totally unexplained. I’m
      not going to waste another 20 minutes thumbing through this video again. If
      you want to prove to yourself the earth is flat, go about and try. But
      considering I’ve sifted through just about every piece of flat earth
      “evidence” out there and have not seen 1 single piece of proof I sincerely
      doubt you can.

    • MICHAEL MONFREDO // 17th Jul 2016 at 8:51 pm // Reply

      +ricochet188 soooo..basically…u cant answer them lol.goodbye

    • MICHAEL MONFREDO // 17th Jul 2016 at 8:52 pm // Reply

      +ricochet188 prove to myself earth is flat lol? what?? what would i gain.i
      tried debunking flat earth.and the only thing debunked was the globe.

    • ricochet188 // 17th Jul 2016 at 9:05 pm // Reply

      +MICHAEL MONFREDO Ok, I guess your video was so unimpactful I totally
      forgot what you were even trying to argue. Whatever then, prove the earth
      isn’t round. Try it.

  15. 3 questions from me.
    Why everything is globe? The earth is globe, the moon and sun supposedly
    globe (even we never see the other sides of the moon), and ALL PLANETS they
    “found” also globes shape… Why? Why do they like globe shape so much?
    Why we never see any tilted or upside down buildings or people or trees?
    Can Mr Neil provide us the tilted or upside down buildings/people live
    footage from any satellite (like satellites exist).
    If satellites exist, why do we keep losing air planes?

  16. outsider344 // 24th Jun 2016 at 10:03 pm // Reply

    Live stream going on from the ISS right this moment. Its the first result
    when you search “live satellite feed” in google. Video shows earth rotating
    below space station…

    • outsider344 // 12th Jul 2016 at 12:17 am // Reply

      +PFWYG There is stellar parallax and you can even measure it at home
      yourself with a modern telescope and camera. You can find guides for doing
      so online (it wasn’t obvious in the distant past without extreme
      magnification). Telemetry data IS math equations, but that doesn’t stop it
      from needing to be faked (along with all the other points I made about what
      needed to be faked that you glossed over).
      And as for me being told and believing it without question, you have said
      this several times. But I actually haven’t believed. When I found flat
      earth videos I went out and did a little research and realized I can test
      these things for myself. I bought a telescope and watched the ISS transit
      the moon, watched the motion of the stars, and the retrograde motion of the
      planets. I went to the local port and watched ships sail half way over the
      horizon, and then pointed a telescope at them to see whether that made the
      bottom half visible again (it doesn’t). I have traveled half way across the
      country on a road trip in an RV with a direct tv dish on it and had to
      adjust it to get signal at every stop. Even from the bottom of a canyon in
      new mexico with no other wireless signal it worked when pointed at the
      right point in the sky (the same point regardless of where I stopped in the
      US that day) I watched the sun set fully over the ocean while laying on the
      ground on my stomach and then went and stood on my car to watch it set a
      second time (clearly it didn’t get too far away to see as flat earthers
      When presented with a claim that ran counter to what I thought I knew I
      went out and tested it, I didn’t just believe either side. And that’s why
      flat earthers and space deniers are so often mocked. You smugly accuse
      people of just believing what they are told when that’s exactly what you
      have done yourselves. You are uncritically parroting a point of view that
      you have heard from a small youtube community, and its a worldview you can
      disprove by just going outside and looking around.

    • A very large percentage of these Flat Earthers are extremely religious —
      which I think should explain a lot.

    • outsider344 // 12th Jul 2016 at 7:12 pm // Reply

      +Dark Star That would be fine if they were using religion for their
      justification. But they cant. Almost every flat earth video and comment
      contains some smug comment like “look at all these morons who believe the
      earth is round just because they were told that”. So when you ask them why
      the earth is flat they cant just say “Well I read it in small parts of an
      old book and was told I how to interpret it by youtubers”. Then they
      wouldn’t get to feel superior.

    • +Dark Star LMFAO @ “extremely religious” people. FYI, atheism is a
      religion too.

    • outsider344 // 12th Jul 2016 at 9:34 pm // Reply

      +PFWYG Atheism is the lack of belief in god or gods. How are you defining
      religion such that it includes any individual lack of belief. Would you
      also call lack of belief in elves or dragons religions? Would Christians
      who believe that the god of the bible is he only god also be part of the
      religion of a-Zeus-ism because of their lack of belief in the Greek god
      Zeus? Or are they also just week stance atheists because they disbelieve in
      all the gods but one?

  17. Reading through the comments, people actually believe that the earth is
    flat? People, we’ve sent people to space. Why would NASA lie about this

  18. John Turner // 16th Jul 2016 at 9:38 am // Reply

    Dude, any high school student taking physics 101 can answer all your
    questions. Maybe if you did a little research, you wouldn’t have to make a
    fool of yourself in public. Sorry, just an easy target. I really shouldn’t
    be so harsh. Seriously though, are you just kidding around, or do you
    really not know the answers to these questions?

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