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Curious Life Of A Flat Earther

Flat Earth Curvature Test Result: FAIL

16th Jul 2016

Scientific Method: 1. Ask Question. 2. Test and observe. 3. Construct Hypothesis. 1. Is the Earth Round? 2. Curvature tests conducted around the world. No curvature detected [...]

Gyroscopic Eye and the Flat Earth

16th Jul 2016

Our eye operates just like an airplane's attitude meter as it renders our horizon in order to determine our level so that we can see based on perspective. This is only [...]

NASA is NOT a Hoax: Proof

16th Jul 2016

I can't believe I used to think that NASA was a hoax. These posters are not propaganda. Movies are not propaganda. Now I know better. Off the Earth, For the Earth. Thank [...]

Radiation Hormesis: No Fear

16th Jul 2016

An introduction to radiation hormesis and my experience with radiation. Here are the links mentioned in the video: Radiation Hormesis: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly By: [...]
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