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Curious Life Of A Flat Earther

Fake Station Freedom: Pilot Episode

16th Jul 2016

NASA spent millions of our tax dollars filming this "pilot" episode that would later become the ISS. Wake up people, we have been swindled out of trillions of [...]

Black or White: Byrd Hoax and Flat Earth

16th Jul 2016

Admiral Byrd was an elite crisis actor in the ongoing deception by the rulers of this system. What exactly was the purpose of Operation Highjump? Why is Admiral Byrd used as [...]

Dystopian Gatekeeping on the Flat Earth

16th Jul 2016

Just a quick look at Hollywood's voluminous dystopian movies and the agenda behind the dystopian future construct. Opening song: Immigrant Song – Led Zeppelin (c) [...]

2016/03/22 NASA Rocket, Jupiter and Moon

16th Jul 2016

We had an epic night of filming the moon. We also caught the rocket launch (by chance) and Jupiter and its moons. These shots were all filmed with the Nikon P900 on 22 March [...]

Fiat Currency Fail

16th Jul 2016

A brief and simple explanation of the failure of the debt-based money used in the central banking system. And by the way, the earth is flat [...]
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