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Eric Dubay

Flat Earth and All That Jazz

15th Mar 2017

Many thanks so much to Curved Water Music for taking my level Planet proofs/interviews as well as transforming them into the complying with 3 outstanding tracks qualified [...]

The Flat Earth Movement Album

26th Feb 2017

Please download, share, burn CDs, re-upload and also mirror this effective and also essential Flat Planet movement hip-hop/rap album. Jewtube has currently outlawed several [...]

Flat Earth News

18th Feb 2017

There have been numerous celebs progression recently mentioning their idea that the Earth is flat. In 2014 starlet Tila Tequila and rap artist B.O.B. stated the Earth to be [...]

Gravity is Just Density

16th Feb 2017

The natural physics of thickness and also buoyancy identify that items denser than the medium bordering them sink while items much less thick compared to the tool surrounding [...]

Flat Earth Street Interviews

12th Feb 2017

Fellow Flat-Earther as well as IFERS member Del from Scotland has been taking to the streets to spread out a bit of life sciences and common sense, intending to stimulate [...]

A Flat Earth Awakening Story

3rd Feb 2017

Rene Nadeau was a 62-year-old grandfather and life-long devout atheist when he stumbled upon one of the most amazing revelation of his life time, a discovery so essential and [...]
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