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Flat Earth Asshole

Flat Earth Asshole vs Math Powerland

8th Jul 2017

I think the Flat Planet was blurt intentionally. After viewing my so called close friend Mathew Boylan/Powerland go into self destruct mode I have to currently distance [...]

FEA Final Tour Stops Revealed!

25th Jun 2017

Flat Planet Asshole's Final Quits: 6/25/17 Atlantic City, NJ 6pm-10pm @ Tun Pub Restaurant & Brewery 6/28/17 Denver, CO . Place & Time to be established … [...]

FEA Flattens Missouri & Kansas

24th Jun 2017

Kansas & Missouri are attractive FLAT!!! However after I left those two states, they were also FLATTER!!! The people that pertained to my KC FE Gathering were outstanding [...]

FE Gathering Tonight in Chicago!!!

20th Jun 2017

Tonight, June 20th 2017 – FE Celebration in Chicago, Illinois @ Parson's Hen & Fish – Situated at 2952 W Armitage Ave. Chicago, Illinois. We are [...]

FEA Loves The Lone Star State

17th Jun 2017

After coming off of an extremely successful run of FE Gatherings in Texas I have actually officially left the Lone Celebrity State. Texas revealed me more love compared to I [...]
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