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Flat Earth Asshole

FEA Live Stream Test

27th May 2017

This is a test run for my very first live streaming broadcast on youtube. If all works out I simply could start doing more of these live streams as well as potentially also a [...]


20th May 2017

In this video my long time friend Mick joins me to help me kick NASA in the spheres !!! Mick sat through some awfully dull NASA video footage as well as he discovered a clip [...]

Alvin and the Globetards

9th May 2017

This timeless cartoon clip demonstrates how much Hollywood will go to indoctrinate children. For many years I have had the photo of boats cruising over the "side of the [...]

Dinosaur Sex – Is it real or fake?

2nd May 2017

I posted a dinosaur sex meme on Facebook and also the message exploded like insane! It got a lot focus that I determined to earn a YouTube video clip concerning it and also [...]
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