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NASA is DEAD – Funeral TBA

1st Jun 2017

As well as the hits just go on rolin' in … Thanks to client who gave the connect to the following channel. On that particular channel, he shows EXACTLY how NASA [...]

Flat Earth: Walking In TRUTH Time

10th May 2017

Beginning currently – "Don't Feed the Trolls" – If I and also you disregard the trolls as well as shills and also don't reply to anything they [...]

Flat Earth REFRACTION – The Proof

5th May 2017

Refraction in Planet's ambience when in a medium (without leaving it) is SILLY. Just lack of knowledge states otherwise. A straightforward telescope with a computer [...]

Flat Earth BREAKS the Matrix

26th Mar 2017

Level planet has "broken the matrix" for me directly. I discuss in this video clip where flat earth has taken me and also the journey I am now taking. MUCH MORE [...]
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