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Flat Earth: Is It Possible You’ve Been Lied To? Part 2- Evidence

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Partly 2 of this series, I take a look at "ASSUMPTIVE Evidence which has been widely used to demonstrate to that the earth actions. There is absolute NO proof that has ever been demonstrated to which shows the earth steps. This is astonishing. It has actually all been assumptive proof which has been made use of from the Foucault pendulum to celebrities moving in the sky in the evening to gyros. All are a sham and show the utter lack of knowledge of people who will certainly think anything in order to keep their idea system in any way price.

The Side of Truth has this video as well as will certainly be the only area with discussion:
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4 Comments on Flat Earth: Is It Possible You’ve Been Lied To? Part 2- Evidence

  1. the earth been flat since day 1(: facts

  2. krew666666 // 18th May 2016 at 6:25 am // Reply

    As far as I know you were the first or one of the first to come out and do
    some temperature readings on moonlight. Regardless,I think you should at
    least consider doing a controlled scientific experiment that would pass the
    grade with any critic. I haven’t seen anyone do this yet. ..You would need
    to get out of the city away from any artificial light. ..Maybe take 20 CD’s
    ,and 20 pieces of identical cardboard cur in 3×3 feet. Lay each piece of
    cardboard down ,and a CD on each….Then measure each one,and record to the
    decimal and time…..Now take 10 of the 20 and cover them with some kind of
    make shift canvas to allow ventilation. After 30 minutes measure all 20
    CD’s……then switch the covering to the other 10 CD’s and measure all
    20…..Do this on a night with little wind and no cloud cover…Possibly
    under a 1/2 moon…then come back and repeat under a full moon…This will
    pass every methodology under the most rigorous scrutiny….This would make
    the experiment and proof of it documented to your name…not someone else
    who comes along.. I would certainly support that kind of
    work,financially…Just a thought ,Good Luck

  3. Weird why is there only one comment on this video? (aside from mine of

  4. Mpho Rejakong // 18th May 2016 at 4:52 pm // Reply

    Richard, have you seen freeanergy’s work?

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