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Flat Earth – The Worlds Secret Guilty Pleasure – August 16, 2016 – Mark Sargent

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Are we inside a Truman series confined world, thousands of miles wide? This becomes part of a collection of video clips that reveals not just is it feasible, however likely.

The Flat Planet awakening is the most significant tale to hit this world in Millennia. I am modest to be just a role of this large force of fact, one that's visiting alter the world as well as exactly how you live for life. This new site is devoted to everything that is real and also true about the location where you live, an area that has previously, been hidden from you. Join me in uncovering the incredible power and capacity of our civilization. Together we could repossess the keys and also understanding, and also end up being great again.

George Orwell
Tribune, 27 December 1946
Lots of people, if asked to confirm that the planet is rounded, would not also bother to generate the instead weak arguments I have actually outlined over. They would certainly start off by claiming that 'every person knows' the planet to be rounded, and if pressed even more, would become angry. In a way Shaw is right. This is a credulous age, as well as the worry of understanding which we currently have to bring is partly responsible.

Secretary's Desk

I stay in a Magic Series with lots of Innovative Pressures Concealing God however I am in it for The Long Haul because I am more than one more Soul in the System I have Depth Understanding as well as New Eyes. I check out the Vacant Cinemas and also appreciate Byrd Wall and all of the illinformed Map Manufacturers living in the ol Status Quo when we are all truly imagining Shell Beach.

4 Comments on Flat Earth – The Worlds Secret Guilty Pleasure – August 16, 2016 – Mark Sargent

  1. Andre Globe // 16th Aug 2016 at 9:45 pm // Reply

    And again mr. Alzheimer Mark Sargent shows us his latest video for the xxx
    time as a new video. Does this crazy person really think we do not notice
    Why is this person not showing the real search results on YT. Why does he
    keep on searching for flat earth, finding all videos with the words Flat
    and earth in their descriptions. Why does he not search for “flat earth”and
    get only the videos were the words are placed in that order direct to each
    Oh wait I know, when he did he would find that the search only finds
    2,760,000 results and when you narrow it down to only videos you will see
    that only 505,000 results….
    Now look at
    “Hillary Clinton” (only videos) 2,860,000 results
    “angelina jolie”(videos only) 1,540,000 results
    “donald trump” (videos only) 6,350,000 results
    Try it for the other searches in the video the results will be in the same

    • Andre Globe // 16th Aug 2016 at 10:31 pm // Reply

      +Oz Khan
      First I like how you prove to me that the only facts flat earthers have is
      name calling! Good job thanks you!
      Then the demented Mark Sargent who is repeating the same video over and
      over again with the same mistakes in it over and over again. A person with
      a working brain would listen to rreason and use the information he got, but
      this demented flat earther is not learning at all! His is repeating the
      same stupid mistakes over and over again, showing he is just making more
      hits in the flat earth search, so he can clain in a year or two that the
      flat earth “community”has grown a lot, but in fact all he did is repeating
      the same lies over and over again. And yes statistics are used to cover up
      lies, just like the statistics this MS is using!
      And I do not dumb down the subject, I show the people how dumb the flat
      earth idea (as it its not even a hypothesis) in fact is.

  2. That’s a lot of SECRET curious people lol

  3. 89 views . . . oh, I so wanna eat these words.

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