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GLOBEBUSTERS jeranism Interviews Robert Sungenis 4/12

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Video 4 of 12. This week, the Globebusters had an intriguing meeting with geocentric design specialist, writer as well as theologian Robert Sungenis. He is additionally the creator of the new motion picture "The Principle."

Sign up with Bob, TJ, Jeran and also Missa (from jeranism) for an enjoyable 4 hours of chat and also dispute as we discover this aircraft we call Planet.

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Many thanks for seeing! Peace!


Peace to All. Many thanks for viewing!

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21 Comments on GLOBEBUSTERS jeranism Interviews Robert Sungenis 4/12

  1. Brett Moore // 2nd Oct 2015 at 6:33 pm // Reply

    he is saying when u look up at a time elapsed footage of the pole star the
    apparent circle of stars. I say because the sky is spinning in the flat
    earth model. No one has proof of the southern polar rotation. it is a trick
    with perspective , no picks of south pole no one trying no one going
    too. 68 Sigma Octantis .

  2. Brett Moore // 2nd Oct 2015 at 6:51 pm // Reply

    aberration of optical lenses occur simple because the paraxial theory is
    not a completely accurate model on the effect its describes more the effect
    is altered by defects in the lens. Well if there is a
    aberration of a star over a course of a year it could be because there is a
    crystalline dome over the flat earth.

  3. xstrangerxx // 2nd Oct 2015 at 7:08 pm // Reply

    very logical loop around the legitimate statement. Examine everything.

  4. Tube Matrix // 2nd Oct 2015 at 9:19 pm // Reply

    You’re all falling into the trap of believing that random specks of ‘light’
    in the sky are physical objects with mass and therefore must conform to
    physical laws. Even with the moon, light is all we see, which does not
    prove that the light source is necessarily anything composed of a solid
    mass. This man is a shill just spouting conventional science.

    • Thomas Godsey // 21st Nov 2015 at 2:37 am // Reply

      Welp , we could say that stellar parallax isnt valed becuase of a
      misapplication of physical laws not appropriate to what stars actually are
      . Not nessasary, Seeing the distances they say are involved the
      trianglation takes place in diffrent seasons useing the distance of the
      earths orbit form the triangle . first assuption is that we are orbiting
      the sun . witch is not the case . Ok give that to them . Even then becuae
      of diminishing degrees , past a certain point parallax becomes impossible,
      like theoretically you can devide in half infinitly . in practice that is
      no true , after the 6th power or so there is no distinction physically. Or
      rather , even if all else where true , measureing star distance even to the
      closest star is impossible , despite currupt claimes . Imma thunkin they’d
      have a better chance streching a ball of yarn to the stars then measuring
      the yarn . This guy knows this stuff . Just promoting his movie , probly
      with some jesuit mentors . love yas

    • Thomas Godsey // 21st Nov 2015 at 2:52 am // Reply

      +Thomas Godsey Hovine breaks this all down , gots the numbers and
      everything , fine tuned is not a description for a impossible calcaulation
      . Buba lost his credibility. Never trust the antichrist woops I mean a

    • Alex Jones Is a Zionist agent // 27th Jan 2016 at 4:35 pm // Reply

      +Thomas Godsey

      Amen brother,

      Can you explain the Parallax though? (I am a historian first lol) Because I
      mean isnt it a typical trigonometry equation? But in order to make that
      equation dont we need at least one verifiable variable?

      As in we can measure a triangle, after we get one side obviously. But if we
      never knew the length of one side how can we possibly calculate it? Isnt it
      coming down to false variables in a false equation?

    • KashelGladio // 22nd Apr 2016 at 4:44 am // Reply

      +Tube Matrix ….You’ve never looked at the moon with a high-powered
      telescope, have you?

  5. Mat Hammond // 3rd Oct 2015 at 1:28 am // Reply

    I wanna know his proofs for a globe

  6. Kathy Holland // 3rd Oct 2015 at 5:19 am // Reply

    1 Thessalonians 5:21…”prove ALL things”…hold fast to what’s good…..I
    thought he read the bible…I guess he would say that means something else

  7. Hassen Bh // 3rd Oct 2015 at 8:26 am // Reply

    wikipedia: Stellar aberration is an astronomical phenomenon “which produces
    an apparent motion of celestial objects”. It can be proven mathematically
    that stellar aberration is due to the change of the astronomer’s inertial
    frame of reference. Yeah right

  8. Kyro Potgieter // 3rd Oct 2015 at 12:27 pm // Reply

    10:13. yearly. if you look at any star. im sorry im not following. i have a
    really nice application called SkyView, free on google play store. lets you
    see the stars in real time where they are and their trajectory and time of
    future position. i could not find one single star that takes a year to make
    a rotation. all of them rotate every 24 hours. now as i said, maybe im not
    following. someone please explain.

  9. Advocatus Diaboli // 5th Oct 2015 at 3:08 am // Reply

    he wants to keep it simple for the audience??? What are we? In preschool?

  10. Fractured by Nature // 5th Oct 2015 at 10:34 am // Reply

    He keeps saying modern science for example, ugggh

  11. Fractured by Nature // 5th Oct 2015 at 10:45 am // Reply

    Every night the stars go from east to west, the same stars. Every night! So
    if we are flying through space thousands of miles an hour how is it
    possible to see the same stars night after night, Robert?
    He isn’t as smart as he makes himself out to be.

    Sick him jer!

  12. St. Michael // 6th Oct 2015 at 4:16 pm // Reply

    This guy is full of himself. Still relating to information and idea’s from
    a polarized mindset. Claiming to follow the FACTS of the bible then telling
    you his interpretation. Pitting you guy’s into a group of Flat Earthers
    then knocking it down. It really doesn’t seam like he’s interested in
    finding truth with a open mind. He’s using his communication to manipulate
    not for edification. There’s also scripture that talks about the line
    across the earth and the circle of the earth. wheww… Good luck and yah

  13. Victor Rodriguez // 28th Nov 2015 at 4:15 am // Reply

    Dude you guys are conflating two different subjects. Stellar aberration
    refers to the motion or path that we perceive the stars are making in the
    sky over a calendar year (i.e either circles or hyperbola). Stellar
    parallax refers to stars that are closer to the earth appearing to move
    more than stars that are further away from the earth over the same period
    of time and measuring these differences and using basic trigonometry to
    estimate how far away the stars are.

  14. Again Mr Sungenis talks down to his audience. He’s going to keep it simple
    for his audience. We did not all go to public school. It actually sounds to
    me like he is feeling surprisedly intimidated by the knowledge of his
    interview. Therefore, let’s keep it simple.

  15. Sparkymax L // 3rd Feb 2016 at 1:50 pm // Reply

    Anyone who claims that he was once a protestant and then reverts back to
    Roman Catholicism to me should not be trusted.
    The catholic church is who controls our educational systems, which are also
    the ones who tells us what the universe as we know it looks like.
    Never mind that the creator of the big bang theory was a Jesuit priest
    named George Lemetre who was also Einsteins handler.
    The catholic church can not be trusted.

  16. Dave Taylor // 26th Feb 2016 at 11:37 pm // Reply

    You guys are always coming back to the “creator”, no matter what is what.
    You talk about conspiracy. And don,t give one thought that religion , God,
    or who ever one believes in, is the biggest conspiracy of them all. Every
    religion has there own way of interpreting the bible, and therefore God.
    And if someone makes up a religion, like L Ron Hubbard, then you don’t
    believe God is your God but maybe it’s a soap dish you worship. Look at all
    the spirits the western Indians believed in. If you were to try to convince
    a person at twenty five who never heard of God, where and how would you
    start. There’s this guy up in heaven but he’s not a guy, he’s a god, and he
    made everything you see and hear. He’s invisible.

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