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In Your Face Flat Earth Proof – Eyes Wide Shut?

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A straightforward observation of virtually everything around you actually informs you that the earth is not a globe, it is not spinning or relocating via the universe at 600,000 Miles Per Hour. Neither is the sun 93 million miles away. Visit any coastline or body of water at daybreak and sundown and also confirm it on your own. God Rule Video clip:

31 Comments on In Your Face Flat Earth Proof – Eyes Wide Shut?

  1. MrThriveAndSurvive // 8th Jun 2015 at 1:31 am // Reply

    I you think I am wasting my time, I am open to suggestion for something NEW
    to report on?

    • Victor Cheaprum // 8th Jan 2016 at 7:44 am // Reply

      lol…seriously? do you think I believe in flat earth theory? I said
      exactly the oposit of what you think of..I said we´re too small to detect
      earth curvature at ground level. and added some arguments pro globe earth!
      …again..light refraction , It that allows us to see the sun rays touching
      the water even after its bottom sets. and the fact that the sun is not
      shrinking, is actually setting behind the horizon.

    • +Victor Cheaprum
      OH.ok..thats good to hear are a normal rational person…cool

    • +gdub454 He is agreeing with you.

    • +NikTheFix
      Thanks moron…I know

    • Beyond (Infinite Plains) // 1st Mar 2016 at 8:54 pm // Reply

      +MrThriveAndSurvive How about Flat Deserts , Salt Flats , or very long ,
      flat , level highways ? Flat Deserts explains … perspective on a flat
      earth . In certain images all you see is Sky , and land . Ball-Earthers
      think buildings , cities , ships , are not visible … because of curvature
      . The Sahara Desert is over 3,200 miles in length …. but it yet has
      vanishing points … kinda strange … that flat lands have vanishing
      points . You’ll see the same symmetry with Flat deserts , as you’ll see
      with Flat oceans ….. the Sky plain ,merge with the Ground plain ,to
      create the horizon line . The illusion involving the apparent merging of
      these two plains …. is what they’re seeing all over the Earth … they
      presume is Round . Vehicles will vanish on very long , level , flat ,
      highways …. just the same as ship vanish on Flat oceans . The point is
      …. to awake a round-earthers to the true shape of the Earth .
      Illustrating symmetry …. involving Flat places ( Deserts , Salt Flats ,
      Flat ,Level, Long Highways ) and places they think are Round …. will have
      the the same results . The results are vanishing points …. Sky, and Earth
      ,Plain apparent merging ” ( Illusion ) ” … Objects in the distance ….
      becoming obscured … or not visible with the naked eye . Most people who
      believes the Earth is round …. has mistaken Perspective, with curvature
      … this will open there eyes if nothing else . One last thing …. Sunsets
      over the Sahara Desert .

  2. fatsamcastle // 9th Jan 2016 at 12:18 pm // Reply

    only proved that you don’t understand science, well done.

  3. Crimson 77 // 9th Jan 2016 at 11:35 pm // Reply

    how does the sun move over the flat earth? Is it a living thing?

  4. Leonard Wass // 12th Jan 2016 at 7:01 am // Reply

    This is very poor evidence. You’re only going to see as far as the horizon,
    and the sun is higher than the horizon, so you’re going to be able to see a
    line from the horizon to where you are. Hello?

    • MrThriveAndSurvive // 12th Jan 2016 at 12:09 pm // Reply

      +Leonard Wass Learn perspective.

    • Leonard Wass // 12th Jan 2016 at 12:20 pm // Reply

      +MrThriveAndSurvive I know what perspective is, I got straight A’s in
      graphics 😛

    • darryn frost // 15th Jan 2016 at 2:21 am // Reply

      +MrThriveAndSurvive He described it perfectly.

    • +Leonard Wass The reflection of the sun on the water is a smeared line

      a) The sun shows a disk i.e. it has angular size from this distance, and
      b) The water has perturbations/ripples which make many small surfaces at
      different angles from which the suns disk is reflected in the observers
      direction. This has the effect of stretching the reflection in the line of

      If the water was perfectly flat and still and there was no atmospheric
      disturbance, then the sun would appear in reflection as a simple mirror
      image. Of course you’d never see this exactly ‘cos the water would be

  5. Just another example of how religious freaks and yokels intend to hold
    humanity back for their outdated beliefs.

  6. Lazar Otasevic // 23rd Jan 2016 at 10:51 pm // Reply

    this video is the proof that the earth is NOT flat. there is no obstacle
    towards sun!

    • +Lazar Otasevic You’re not wrong. That really is proof.

    • Dean Johnson // 1st Mar 2016 at 2:16 am // Reply

      +Lazar Otasevic exactly if the sun is only 3 thousand miles away at that
      elevation surely it would be obstructed IF the earth were flat…

  7. Achilleas Margaritis // 25th Mar 2016 at 1:12 am // Reply

    If the Sun was floating above a flat Earth, we wouldn’t see it rising from
    behind the horizon, we would see it as a point in the sky that gets larger
    and larger, and that point would of course be above the clouds, so it would
    be up in the sky and not in horizon level.
    Furthermore, in the video there is no explanation why the beam effect would
    be impossible if the Sun was 93 million miles away. Since the sunlight
    reaches the camera, it would also reach the sea.

  8. VoysovReason // 19th Apr 2016 at 6:05 pm // Reply

    I agree when you said “this is what’s called dismissing common sense”, in
    your case of course. While the sun is still above the horizon, it reflects
    off the water, which in the few miles to the horizon you can see, is barely
    curved at all, so it’s not too much to prevent the reflection off the
    water. That makes no sense. The slight curve is down in relation to where
    you stand and the sun. So no reason it would be obscured. Why would the
    distance make a difference? Only angle matters not distance.

  9. Simon Ritchie // 7th May 2016 at 11:28 am // Reply

    If the sun is supposedly not 93 million miles away from the Earth, and so
    close, how are you morons going to explain the transit of mercury in front
    of the local sun?

  10. Steve Beckerman // 24th May 2016 at 8:41 pm // Reply

    21 years in military, 9 years of sea duty, two tours as a navigator and
    deck watch officer. While underway at sea, tracking radar targets,
    identifying them when FINALLY within in visual range, I never saw anything
    even remotely like you claim to have seen. So please tell me what is so
    obvious and right in front of my nose that it makes me ignorant.

  11. kevinshaferguitarsongs // 27th May 2016 at 2:41 am // Reply

    Thanks. Very interesting and informative. And to any who are ready to rip
    on me….feel free – but please leave the sarcasm and mean speech out.

  12. quaz imodo // 11th Jun 2016 at 5:59 am // Reply

    u know what pisses me off ? the SMUGNESS in his voice !!!!!! i can see a
    FLAT HORIZON. and that’s good evidence. but don’t talk to me about “proof”
    u pompous @$$ !!!

  13. influentia1patterns // 18th Jun 2016 at 1:21 am // Reply

    Watch a sunset over the west coast ocean or a lake or gulf. Put on
    binoculars after it sets or grab a telescope. If it’s still up in the sky
    and just farther away, you still should be able to find it right after it

  14. alexrulz911 // 22nd Jun 2016 at 3:35 am // Reply

    absolute drivel. a 4″ wave can block water? when the water ripples, it
    reflects in a different way. thus “blocking” it. let me ask you, why does
    the sun come out of the ocean in the first place?

  15. Did you notice the hexagonal sun on the last part of the video?

  16. I don’t get what that “sun beam” is supposed to proof. To me, it is simply
    the specular reflection on a “bumpy” water surface. A slight curvature of
    the ocean won’t influence this! Also, for this effect it doesn’t matter
    whether the sun is millions of miles away and big or only hundreds or
    thousands of miles away and smaller!

    However, thinking about the sun and the FE model, I noticed 3 things that
    contradict very simple observations everyone can make:

    1) What seems odd (regarding the Flat Earth model), is how the sun can be
    visible so close to the horizon. Because even if the sun is just 200 miles
    above the Flat Earth and flies in circles with a radius of around 4000
    miles above the flat equator, it should never be visible below an altitude
    Considering the sun’s apparent size is only around 0.5°, it should never
    even get close to the horizon, yet it even seems to sink below it!

    2) As seen from still observer on flat earth, the sun should move at
    different speeds throughout the day due to perspective: fastest at noon
    when it’s right above, slowest near sunset and sunrise when it’s furthest.

    3) The sun should change its apparent size throughout the day due to its
    changes in distance: Biggest at noon, smallest at sunset and sunrise when
    it’s furthest. I know some flat earthers claim that this is the case by not
    using sun filters for their camera or by misinterpreting the
    (weather-dependent) slight oval shape of the sun at the very last moments
    of sunset as a change in size due to perspective. Yet the horizontal
    dimensions of the visible sun shape don’t change over the course of a day,
    so it can’t be perspective!

  17. Tyler Wood // 14th Jul 2016 at 3:57 am // Reply

    Fucking tard

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