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Jan ’16 – The FLAT EARTH LIVE!! [Lancashire, England @ New Horizons]

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The Planet Is Not A Spinning Sphere …

Darren Nesbit live @ New Horizons Saint Anne, Lancashire, England. January 25th 2016.

Darren Nesbit delves deeply into a popular subject: The Apartment Earth Theory.

This discussion gives a weight of proof to demonstrate how NASA is lying about every little thing 'celestial spaces'; exactly how Scientism is attached to the occult brotherhood; and mathematical, empirical evidence that we survive on a repaired, bumpy plane.

One of the most questionable subjects of the minute, set out merely and also the links demonstrated to for all to see the systems of this "mommy of all deceptiveness".

Do you still subscribe to the concept that we survive on a globe, rotating at over 1000 miles per hour via a huge, limitless, alien-infested world? Below's your possibility to hear– as well as question– a really various narrative …

As a result of recent encounters, remarks have actually been handicapped.

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