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JEFF C – The NWO Clown! One Word Globe Proof: TORONTO

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This is the last video clip I will certainly invest discussing the deception being disgustingly pushed by the NWO's favorite clown Jeff C. He has no proof as well as exists and also falsifies proof to confirm the world. Wow, unfortunate.


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Many thanks for seeing!

28 Comments on JEFF C – The NWO Clown! One Word Globe Proof: TORONTO

  1. BoilerRoomRadio // 25th Feb 2016 at 5:44 pm // Reply

    Awesomesauce…. Keep up the excellent work +jeranism

  2. “The HORROR of a unique position”…..why does this frighten them so?

  3. Fr. Duffy Fighting 69th // 5th Mar 2016 at 3:05 am // Reply

    NASA and the JPL were started by, and staffed with, Satanists.

  4. hammer-to-jezebel // 9th Mar 2016 at 10:08 pm // Reply

    21:00 Jeff has the annoying voice of a BS artist. I’ve met many of these
    types in my workplace.

  5. True Harmony // 11th Mar 2016 at 4:56 am // Reply

    The music is to loud. I can’t concentrate on, what you’re saying, but I
    want to. Why not turn it down, while you’re talking?
    The constant background noise, is the invention of the ones, we oppose, so
    why play their game, talking about such important things? 😉

    With that said, I do appreciate, what you’re doing for the case – waking
    people up, from the illusion. :)

  6. rose patton // 13th Mar 2016 at 7:37 am // Reply

    I was exposing Jeff C 2 years ago and everyone thought i was crazy for
    saying hes a total fake shill…well glad to see their finally realizing it
    now. Great video keep up the good fight!

    • As was I , jeffy and crew, Red pill rev. and the scammer Morris. Remember
      Morris faked a stoke while in Cambodia?

  7. Poppet teppoP // 23rd Mar 2016 at 6:22 pm // Reply

    you fellow’s are pissing in each others pockets, nobody had any clear
    points of proof.

  8. TheMorgile // 3rd Apr 2016 at 11:38 pm // Reply

    hahah… Laughing out loud at the “GRAVITY” bank-robber bit… Truly
    classic… TU : )

  9. Thomas Grön // 5th Apr 2016 at 8:24 pm // Reply

    At 17,30 into the video we see Jeff?? Use the nr 1 fakery about the horizon
    on a ball.. You can NEVER see part of the ball rise up between you the
    observer and the object, NEVER!!!Or the spot they pick would be totally
    arbitrary!!On a ball you as the observer will always see everything from
    the highest point of the ball and the ground increasingly with distance
    fall away from you with distance times distance times 8 inches!!
    And from a plane at 30,000ft you would also observe the ball from its
    highest point, plus 30,000ft and the horizon would be WAY beneath your
    horizontal eye level, WAY BENEATH!!!
    Simple logic!!Standing beside the ocean with a un obscured view, officially
    you would see about 4 miles!So placing a buoy it would be 4x4miles x 8 inch
    below the surface at your feet.
    Climbing up until you see 6 miles we will place the buoy 6x6miles x 8
    inches below the surface on the beach beneath you!!!!
    Now climb or rise in a balloon until you see 10 miles away, and the buoy
    will be 10×10 miles x 8 inches below the surface beneath you!!!
    So now you see three buoys that are falling further and further down
    beneath you with distance from you, and the horizon would be beneath you as
    you look straight out horizontally with ground beneath you!!!!
    But is that what you see??? NO!!!
    Even at 30,000ft will the horizon rise up to your eye level giving the
    impression you’re in a bowl!!!
    You need to learn about the laws of perspectives and vanishing point!!!
    When the floor falls away from you as it should on a ball, specially if the
    falling away is increasing squared with distance, then the vanishing point
    can NEVER rise up to your eye level!!!!!
    The reason I before and most still today believe in the ball earth, is that
    they have no clue about what the various ball earth claims actually means
    and what’s to be expected to be seen!!
    Up is up everywhere, so we would feel walking upside down or at any minute
    angle!!!There is NOTHING in the gravity theory that explains why we do not
    feel being upside down in Australia or South America!!!
    And as a diver I know that even at perfect buoyancy during a night dive you
    know up from down!!!!
    And it’s obvious that in the “vomit comet” where people play in free fall,
    they have up and down!!!
    On my google plus community page unified flat earth science I’ve posted
    various logical proves for the flat earth small near sun and moon reality!!!
    One proof against the paradigm ball earth is the observation everyone can
    do of the moon!!Moon changes location for it’s rising and setting from
    south east to north east, a near 90° difference in one month!!!! That’s
    impossible if moon orbits earth over the equator with only a 5°
    Another proof of the impossible ball earth season making 24,4° tilt
    is…..That since earth is claimed to be tilted relative to to the
    sun-earth plane, for every lap earth spins will we move up and down that
    “season making” tilt???
    For example in northern hemisphere midwinter, the equator would be 23,4°
    above/north of suns zenith over the southern tropical line??? But only at
    12;00 midday???And at the night side of the tilted ball earth, would the
    equator line be 23,4° south of its “normal” 0° latitude???
    Go join my community for a official Wiki graph that makes it obvious!!
    And in “normal” everyday physics will you read that a heavier down hill
    skier or a soapbox car with similar air resistance as a lighter/less mass
    one, the one with more mass/weight will accelerate faster and have a higher
    terminal velocity thus “fall” to the finish line faster!!!!But blend in
    gravity and vacuum and things begin to be strange, there will be if’s added
    as well as assumed this and that etc etc!!!
    So two identical hollow balls, one filled with foam and the other with lead
    dropped at the same time WILL NOT FALL TO GROUND AT SAME TIME!!!!And since
    the balls are identical on the outside, the air resistance and drag has no
    effect!!!But still the one with lead will accelerate faster and have higher
    terminal velocity!!!!
    And since they are identical we can count out the air resistance and drag
    thus we can do this test in vacuum with the same result!!!
    So the feather with much less weight/mass and own gravitational pull
    relative to a hammer or a bowling ball, should fall/draw/pull accelerate
    slower and have smaller terminal velocity, AND NOT FALL AT SAME TIME AS A
    HEAVIER/larger mass object!!!!
    And aren’t we told vacuum doesn’t mean weightless??? That’s why the various
    “satellites” must travel so fast that they “fall” around earth
    So a bowling ball and a feather should not even in vacuum fall at same
    So why did apollo astronuts and Brian Cox tell us feather vs hammer or
    bowling ball falling at same time proved gravity????
    1, why did they fall at same time when they shouldn’t????
    2, why was them falling at same time “proof” of gravity when they shouldn’t
    fall at same time???
    3, what has vacuum to do with objects of different weight/mass falling at
    same time, when two identical objects but with different weight/mass has
    same air resistance and drag but still do not fall at same time????
    Gravity theory is so full of holes it’s not worthy to be called a theory!!!

  10. Царь бббомба // 13th Apr 2016 at 1:51 am // Reply

    So does this mean that everyone that believes the government propaganda is
    just obsessed about balls and needs to cuddle balls everyday or they would
    shrivel up like an empty ball sack and die?

  11. Jeff c is a shill, but this video topic about him only gives him credit in
    the eyes of many and is hardly the best argument proving his nefariousness.
    I swear, it’s like you fags are all working together pretending to fight
    among each other.
    Magnetism bends light! Gravity is a modality of Dielectric charge [i’e

  12. That quote from Edwin Hubble is extremely damning!

  13. Illuminator // 22nd Apr 2016 at 1:38 am // Reply

    You all deserve to be deceived. Jeranism, you are doing a good job.
    In the name of the Illuminati, thank you.

  14. Seek truth // 22nd Apr 2016 at 11:24 pm // Reply

    Who the hell is Jeff c???

  15. ickle spec // 14th May 2016 at 1:08 am // Reply

    hmmm…interesting info you posted about mirages (@14:00). I wonder where
    you got that stuff from, since you claim you didn’t read my email till
    “Dont lie to each other”…indeed!

  16. MrTruthislight // 28th May 2016 at 1:43 pm // Reply

    How about Jeff P, A planetXer. Jeff Prankster?

  17. Roodles Poodles // 28th May 2016 at 10:20 pm // Reply

    “Don’t comment that you looked into it…” OK. I’ll just take your word for

  18. water dose go the opposite way in the other hemisphere thats not a lie lol
    don’t watch the vids online do it for yourself. but don’t change the shape
    of the drain nor its location in the sink as that changes the outcome. fill
    a flat pool with water put a drain in the very middle let it sit for a day
    so the water has no motion. then pull the plug. iv seen your videos of
    sinks going the wrong way but the drain is in the corner of the sink thus
    having an effect on the drain. the coriellis effect is pretty week so u
    have to be carful when taking out the variables that make your answers

  19. David Brainerd // 17th Jun 2016 at 2:40 am // Reply

    I unsubbed Jeff C when he stopped doing videos about the fake shootings and
    started doing transvestigations like Nuke Hoax / Jungle Surfer. When was
    that, like 2 years ago?

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