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jeranism LIVE #11 – History is a Lie with guest Clint Wayland

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Join us as we discuss our History … and also why it could not hold true and also just what "brand-new chronology" seems to make more sense. Joining me using phone will be Clint Wayland, a person who has actually done even more research study compared to I into Anatoly Fomenko that is a Soviet and Russian mathematician, teacher at Moscow State University, as well as participant of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He is writer of a pseudoscientific theory known as New Chronology. He is additionally a participant of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

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For those that assume themselves so wise and well educated … you should comprehend that I am claiming that a few of just what you have been educated is not appropriate and because of this, you telling all of us how wise as well as best you are is simply confirming my factor. I am testing "scientific truth," due to the fact that doing so will certainly either disclose that I was shown the truth or I could aid free the world of the lies and with each other, we all obtain closer to the fact. Asking concerns is action 1 of the scientific approach. Blind belief in exactly what you are informed signifies a religion. Go watch a video clip you appreciate … life is too short.

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