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Forced Government Indoctrination Camps

13th Jul 2017

On a daily basis all over the world, countless intense young minds are spending the best years of their lives being rounded up around by federal governments like livestocks, [...]

Thousands of Miles of Flat Earth

5th May 2017

The following video footage taken from airplanes, vehicles, trains as well as ships covers numerous COUNTLESS miles of our level, degree, fixed plane Planet in just 5 [...]

Europe For Europeans

1st May 2017

It ought to go without stating, as well as definitely not be forbidden to specify the apparent, that every people and also culture can live together on their own land: Africa [...]

Flat Earth Street Interviews

12th Feb 2017

Fellow Flat-Earther as well as IFERS member Del from Scotland has been taking to the streets to spread out a bit of life sciences and common sense, intending to stimulate [...]

September 23rd. Here IT Comes?

19th Jul 2016

Renee Moses Network: C Ervana Channel: 1938- Benjamin Parravicinii Prophesy Photo: Although I do not think any significant event will occur on or about September 23rd. 2015 [...]