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Forced Government Indoctrination Camps

13th Jul 2017

On a daily basis all over the world, countless intense young minds are spending the best years of their lives being rounded up around by federal governments like livestocks, [...]

Think Outside the Ball

25th Jun 2017

People are commonly informed to "believe outside the box," as an expression encouraging crucial, initial idea, advising them not to be "boxed-in" by [...]

Joe Rogan vs Eric Dubay

22nd Apr 2017

Many years ago prior to having his own "Joe Rogan Questions Everything" TV program and before JRE was the world's largest podcast, Joe Rogan was a vocal [...]

Flat Earth Street Interviews

12th Feb 2017

Fellow Flat-Earther as well as IFERS member Del from Scotland has been taking to the streets to spread out a bit of life sciences and common sense, intending to stimulate [...]

A Flat Earth Awakening Story

3rd Feb 2017

Rene Nadeau was a 62-year-old grandfather and life-long devout atheist when he stumbled upon one of the most amazing revelation of his life time, a discovery so essential and [...]

Flat Earth is the Most Important Truth

20th Jul 2016

Eric Dubay states the best lie and also most successful whitewash in record, NASA and Freemasonry's biggest trick, is that we live on a plane, not a world; that Planet [...]
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