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The Greatest Lie of All Time

10th Jun 2017

Wolves in lamb's apparel have actually drawn the wool over our eyes. For practically 500 years, the masses have actually been extensively deceived by a planetary [...]

Ball Earth Tricks are for Kids

24th May 2017

You do not reside on a tilting, wobbling, rotating area sphere. NASA faked the Moon as well as Mars touchdowns. All pictures showing Planet as a world are confessed CGI [...]

The Flat Earth Movement Album

26th Feb 2017

Please download, share, burn CDs, re-upload and also mirror this effective and also essential Flat Planet movement hip-hop/rap album. Jewtube has currently outlawed several [...]

A Flat Earth Awakening Story

3rd Feb 2017

Rene Nadeau was a 62-year-old grandfather and life-long devout atheist when he stumbled upon one of the most amazing revelation of his life time, a discovery so essential and [...]

The History of Flat Earth

18th Jan 2017

International Apartment Earth Study Culture President Eric Dubay presents the complete background of Flat Earth initially of taped background to today. Please help share this [...]
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