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Forced Government Indoctrination Camps

13th Jul 2017

On a daily basis all over the world, countless intense young minds are spending the best years of their lives being rounded up around by federal governments like livestocks, [...]

Hack the Planet

6th Jul 2017

Hack the Planet is my latest flat track from the upcoming Dubaystep cd. Dubaystep will be my second unabridged flat-Earth-themed cd launched cost-free to help spread this [...]

Think Outside the Ball

25th Jun 2017

People are commonly informed to "believe outside the box," as an expression encouraging crucial, initial idea, advising them not to be "boxed-in" by [...]

The Greatest Lie of All Time

10th Jun 2017

Wolves in lamb's apparel have actually drawn the wool over our eyes. For practically 500 years, the masses have actually been extensively deceived by a planetary [...]

Flat Earth Longest Distance Proofs

30th May 2017

The following video clip reveals all the lengthiest range proofs for flat Earth such as rail guns striking straight-line targets over a hundred miles away and also the world [...]

How to Beat the System

21st May 2017

This solo podcast "Solutions to the System" covers a myriad of doable grassroots services individuals can enact in their daily lives to removal beyond and also [...]

Flat Earth Metabunk Debunked

15th May 2017

Last week Joe Rogan dedicated yet another entire episode of his podcast to calling out me, Eric Dubay, as well as the Flat Earth. Confirming once again just what a sold-out [...]

Thousands of Miles of Flat Earth

5th May 2017

The following video footage taken from airplanes, vehicles, trains as well as ships covers numerous COUNTLESS miles of our level, degree, fixed plane Planet in just 5 [...]
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