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24/7 Flat Earth LIVE! 🔴

26th May 2017

If you think that you reside on a spinning globe, reconsider. The round planet standard is a 500 years as well as running conspiracy committed by the Jesuits, the Vatican, [...]

24/7 Flat Earth LIVE!

21st May 2017

GLOBEBUSTERS LIVE: If you think that you live on a rotating world, reconsider. The round earth paradigm is a 500 years as well as running conspiracy theory committed by the [...]

Flat Earth, Fake Aliens and Real Giants

27th Mar 2017

A few weeks ago BBC made a deceptive copyright case against my most enjoyed Veritas Flat Planet interview getting it obstructed worldwide. Today BBC and also Videojug have [...]


26th Nov 2016

NASA Admits that they have discovered microbial life within the ice on Mars. Well they may not have yet, but they will certainly say something like that very soon. So why not [...]
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